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    Pop ups!

    Shawn Applegate
      First off, our company has put in many, many requests to our VAR. They have been little to no help.  Maybe someone herecan help.

      We are experience two problems that are sort of related.  Thefirst problem occurs when we use several design table driven partsin an assembly.  When the assembly is opened, if the checkboxin options for "Load all referenced documents" isn'tchecked, then the assembly will "break".  The partsthat get loaded are all incorrect sizes and shapes.  The onlyway to fix this it to open the referenced parts, and the switchback to the assembly, and it "fixes" itself.  Thework around for this, as stated above, is to load all referenceddocuments.  The probable reason for this is that our partfiles have part files inside of part files, inside of part files(we do not want to get away from this architecture, this is whatmakes SW so powerful for our application).

      The second problem is multiplied due to us loaded all referenceddocuments.  Any time we open a part in PDMWE, it asks us toopen the part "Read only".  This requires us toclick "Yes" for every part we load.  Then, after weare done using the part, even if we make no changes, and say"No" to save changes, we get more pop ups.  It asksus to save the referenced documents that we opened "Readonly".

      I've attached a video that I created with a 3rd party software. I tried to keep the size down.  Rename the file to .wmv(it's not really a zip file).

      I can't imaging that we are the only ones experiencing theseissues?  It's frustrating opening an assembly with 20 parts,let alone thousands.  We have SW 3.1, and the latestversion of PDMWE.
        • Pop ups!
          Ross McEllhiney

          We use SW routing and experience very similar issues, we have touse the get command  to make sure our local copy of the PDM isexactly equal to the network PDM copy, We get the entire librarystructure on or local area, Since these parts are acting likelibrary parts and PDM does not support Library  parts this isthe only solution the SW was able to give us.