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    Need to get part shown in correct orientation on drawing for normal view

    Dave Krum

      Good morning,

      I'm having some trouble trying to figure out how to get a normal view of a body from a multi-body part onto a drawing.  In the snip below, I need to get a view shown on my drawing of the blue mitered pipe looking straight at it (I've attached another drawing showing the view I need to have it look like).  The pipe was drawn using a 3d sketch line and the pipe isn't parallel to any of the 3 standard planes (it skews in two different directions - compound miter).  I believe the Plane3 I made is the correct plane I need to be looking at it normal to the long side but when I use relative view to bring it onto a drawing by itself without the red plate, I need 2 references.  I chose Plane 3 for the front view but not sure what to pick for the second.  Must I create another ref. plane for the right side view that would be perpendicular to Plane3?  Basically, I need to create a view on my drawing that matches the dimensioned detail from customer.  Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be but I'm not an expert with reference planes.  Any advice would be great.  Thanks!Capture2.PNGCapture3.PNG



      I should add that I need to make some wrap-around paper templates for the guys in shop so they can trace the outline to the pipe and handburn.  I created the blue pipe as a sheet metal part in a separate part file after using "save bodies" so that I can flatten it and make my template full scale (too steep for our saw to miter).  I just need a view on drawing to assure my pipe matches the profile dimensions on the detailed shop drawing which is the view I have pasted in above.  Then if it matches, I can generate template. Message was edited by: Dave Krum