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Is there a work-around for creating a pipe wrap-around template to cut mitered/contoured edges besides using sheet metal which squares edges off?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Hello All,

Is there another possible way to develop a "wrap-around" paper template for cutting a pipe contour other than first converting the pipe to sheet metal, then choosing a k factor of 1 to get the correct outside flat pattern and plotting out the template full size?  The problem with converting to sheet metal is that the software is changing the edges (as shown in the 2 screen snips 3 & 4) which is causing the overall length to be compromised (template too short now).  I was thinking that maybe with the decal option (never used this) and choosing to cut it at the pipe edges with convert entities or something.  Just throwing this out there.  I will not get a perfect fit pipe if the shop guys use this template (will have to make one for each end due to length) and use pipe centerlines and match marks.  I'm coming up alot shorter than I should, but the original pipe before converting to sheet metal is right on the money.  Captures 1 & 2 are shown with the pipe.  Captures 3 & 4 are shown using sheet metal.  Capture 5 is the flat pattern but uses the sheet metal which makes the edges square (normal cut since its sheet metal) and thus shorter of what the template should be.  Thanks in advance.


Attaching the part file and "saved body" file as well showing just the pipe after I converted to sheet metal.