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In Composer, can two BOM columns be merged into one?

Question asked by Matthew Chambers on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Dennis Van Bemmel

We use configuration in SolidWorks for all of our hardware. So, currently, in our BOMs in Composer we have to set it up to show non-configuration descriptions (Custom Properties) in one column and configuration descriptions (Configuration Properties) in a second column in order to show descriptions for all our make parts and hardware. But, having 2 columns for descriptions is very cluttered. We were told by our VAR that a work around is to copy/paste the hardware description into the correct field in Composer, but that's only a fix per page. It would have to be done for every page, every assembly, every everything...and our tech writer wasn't too happy to hear that. Our VAR also told us that we could fix it on the SolidWorks side and go into every part/weldment/assembly and take the description from the Custom tab and copy it to the Configuration tab under Default, so Composer would show all part descriptions under one column (Configuration Properties column) rather than two (Custom AND Configuration Properties column). But, with so many parts/assemblies per top model, it would take weeks just to accomplish that. There doesn't seem to be a simple work around for this issue, unless somebody knows something we don't.


Is there anyway Composer will allow us to merge the Custom Property and Configuration Property description columns of the BOM from two columns into one?