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Static Analysis... part fail or give a insane deflection

Question asked by Kim Bruun on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Kim Bruun


I will like to simulate this part with Static analysis

The part have and banana that start with a diameter on 5mm an go down to 0,75mm i diameter.

it form a half circle with radius 5mm

But when i do i just fail, even at 1N, i have tryed from 1N to 100N....

If i'm using "small displacement" i will get somthing like on picture 3

Picture 1 is the force with 20N and Fixed geometry

Picture 2 say that deformation is to big to be realistic, but i got the part i my hands, and it will take more than 20N to bend it 2mm (with large displacement)

Picture 3 will show up after the solver fails and i restart the samen simulation with the same config.


What i'm doing wrong ?