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Cut list property linking two more global variables

Question asked by Daniel Wang on Mar 2, 2015

Hello All,


I recently came across a issue that I can not link to two more global variables setting in the Equation (see 4th row of the screen shot). However, by adding dimension annotations in the sketch, I can link two more annotations (see 2nd row of the screen shot).


What I am expecting is that I want to link "Roof Pitch@OWJ750.SLDPRT" X "Roof Pitch@OWJ750.SLDPRT" X "Roof Pitch@OWJ750.SLDPRT" RHS in the Value/Text Expression column and correspondently generate 7.5x7.5x7.5RHS in the Elevated Value column.


In this case, I also want to link "Chord Height@OWJ750.SLDPRT" X "Chord Width@OWJ750.SLDPRT" X "Chord Thickness@OWJ750.SLDPRT" RHS to output 75x75x3.0 RHS in the Elevated Value column to replace the current method I have used in the 2nd row by putting dimension annotations in the sketch.


Anybody know how to do that? I have read some macro about similar issue but I have no idea how to start.


Thanks in advance.