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    Solution! Working with Multiple Solidwoks Intances

    Mike Dejanovic

      Hello all,


      Here is a topic that comes up every now and then: How to direct programs to run 

      inside of a specific SolidWorks (SW) instance? Anyone that was dealing with

      running custom programs with multiple instances of a host program (SW in this

      case) knows how frustrating it can be!


      This issue of running programs, add-ins, macros, inside specific instance

      of SW was on my plate for a long time, finally I got it working, the way I wanted! 

      I've seen (on the web) many attempts to do this, but I could not find a solution

      that actually worked, so I coded my own!


      Is there any interest in such solution for/in your projects?, so, would it be

      worth spending more time to develop a robust app with error handling and the rest?


      Link to video: http://youtu.be/OvT7E-u6rFk


      Thank you


      m d s o f t @ 9 a i c . c o m