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Can Design Checker evaluate that a custom property is filled in?

Question asked by Dan Sikorski on Mar 2, 2015
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I'd like to set up design checker to simply verify that SOMETHING has been populated in a custom property. We use DBWorks, and generally fill in custom properties on the data card which are pushed to the model.

dbworks data card.JPG


Which then creates a custom property within the model:


custom prop.JPG


The drawing references the models custom properties and fills in "Finish", "Part Number", etc.


I'd like to use design checker to verify that these properties are filled in. Check that the user has entered SOMETHING in those fields. How can I accomplish this with design checker? I'd like it to PASS if "Finish" is not blank and FAIL if it IS blank.


I thought it would be super simple to check but I'm having problems.