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What's the quickest way to render a .obj file in photoview?

Question asked by Felix Ure on Mar 2, 2015

Hi guys.


I'm not a very experienced Solidworks user, but I am doing some work for a company, and they're using Solidworks 2013.


I'm trying to do a render (in photoview) of an assembly, into which I want to add some parts that are all in a .obj file format.


I can open the .obj file using the 3D add-in tool, but I'm having trouble converting it to a solid/surface that I can apply a texture/colour to and then render it.


I've tried the surface wizard when right clicking on the mesh, but it just goes bat-shiz crazy and i get lines all over the place. A magnetic field diagram would be the best way to describe what it looks like haha. Then if I go ahead I pretty much lose everything.


Any suggestions? There are about 200 files that we want to play around with in various assemblies, so I can't really go manually repairing surfaces on each one.


All we want them for is rendering, so dimensional accuracy is not key.


Many thanks!