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    Multidimensioned cut with draft into sandwich plate

    Taras Bredel



      I'm making some holes into a composite/sandwich plate (dibond/alucobond).

      The plate is made of 0,7mm alu sheet / 4,6mm PE Core  / 0,7mm alu sheet.

      Please see attached specifications of plate and hole.


      Ultimately I will be modeling various plate sizes with multiple holes in different patterns.


      So how to go about this...


      How would you contruct the plate, considering I would need to use it in multiple dimensions in different models.

      How would you make the hole, considering that I would like to use it in various patterns.


      Thanks you for your time and effort.

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          Jamil Snead

          You could make the plate as a multi-body part, with each layer being a different body. If the different dimensions you need are just various sized rectangles then you can easily use configurations for the different sizes. If the different versions are going to be completely different shapes then I would probably model each shape as a separate part.


          For the hole you could model one of them in a single revolve feature, then use a pattern to create all other instances. If the locations are on a grid pattern then you could use a linear pattern of the revolve feature. If the locations are somewhat random then you might be better using a sketch driven pattern. If the various patterns are completely different then you might need to make a sketch driven pattern for each configuration and suppress all but the one corresponding to the active configuration.

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              Taras Bredel

              Hi Jamil


              Thank you for your answer.

              I've created the multibodied model, made my revolved cut, and it is all good.

              I've used Configurations to maintain multiple dimensions, and Insert>Face>Move to redimension the composite plate combined with linear patterns for the holes.

              Yes I will primarily be making rectangles, but also a round version, but I'm assuming I should just make a configuration with a revolved cut to make the round ones.


              Great advice thanks!


              Br T