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Comparing two sketches - roounding, views and glitches. (SW 2014)

Question asked by Tarakan Tarakanich on Mar 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Thomas Warner

I am trying to draw two wheels that have three kinds of conical surfaces.

Conical surface 'A', conical surface 'B' and conical surface 'C'.


"Large" wheel has a surface 'A' and 'B'. "Small" wheel has a surface 'B' and 'C'.


Surface 'A' is larger than surface 'B'

Surface 'B'  is larger than surface 'C'


For some reason, the transition radii are different, although they are all constraint in the same way and 'A' is bigger than 'B' as much as 'B' is bigger than 'C'

Also I would like to see two sketches simultaneously and I cannot. Is it possible?


I have trouble viewing the sketch dimensions sometimes and I am not in control, whither I will see the sketch counter, sketch with dimensions or sketch with dimensions over the 3D model that is revolved from it.


"Small" is small. Bad view 1 and 2 is the big wheel.

I am using SW 2014 and thinking of upgrading.

Thank you.