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Trying to convert solid body into sheet metal so I can develop a wrap-around paper template for hand-burning in shop

Question asked by Dave Krum on Feb 28, 2015
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Good morning All,

I've reached a stumbling block with my part in the procedure for trying to get one of the solid bodies converted into a sheet metal part so I can flatten it.  Please see the sketches below for clarity.  The gray pipe needs to be hand-burned in our shop as the miters are compound and too steep for our saw.  I've developed paper wrap-around templates for pipes in the past but those were all for simple cuts, this one is complicated as it kicks 2 ways and I'm no expert in this area.

I tried using "insert into new part" as well as "save bodies" after picking the pipe but not sure how to develop a reference plane so I can draw a line on the top surface of the pipe (say top quadrant).  The problem is trying to get a line on the top quadrant of the pipe that I can offset then trim out (to get gap which is necessary for sheet metal development I think).  I used a 3d line to get pipe at the correct angle so the pipe centerline is not parallel to any of the 3 planes and I tried picking points of the elliptical profile to develop a plane, but no luck.  I've attached the SW2010 part files also for reference (main part file and the "save bodies" one).  Any advice?  Thanks in advance!