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How to I write an equation that controls multiple parts within an assembly?

Question asked by Nathan Lisher on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

I am fairly new to Solidworks and have been self teaching myself the information that I need to know for my project. I am designing furniture using one model by where you can change the dimensions of the top and the supporting structure will scale accordingly. I have written simple equations to make this work, however there is one piece that is not working.


This is changing the height of the table/desk. When I change the dimension shown at 730mm the beam across the centre needs to be scaled accordingly, so that they leg stretchers remain in the same place, but the beam across the centre also needs to be dimensioned in relation the top of the table/desk.


The problem I am having is that I have an equation that controls the length of the beam in the centre in relation to the top dimensions which works, its just when I change the height (730mm) to any other dimension one of the leg stretchers stays put in the correct position whereas the other moves as it is being driven by the dimension of the centre beam in relation to the top.


I hope all this makes sense. I would appreciate any help with how to figure this out.