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    intake monifold flow simulation

    Mantas Jucius

      Could someone explain how to do intake monifold flow analyse?
      To the intake tube i set 2bar pressure, (environment, static or total? which and why?)
      Ant second: to the outlet ports: which pressure tipe should I set, and how mutch pressure? 1 bar or vacuum? why?
      and one more question: should i set analyses time?
      Thanks a lot

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          Seckin Uslu

          If you look for steady state, you dont need set time.


          You can see the pressure definition pitot tube


          Total Pressure = Pstatic + P dynamic


          Enviromental = 1atm at sea level


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            Amit Katz

            The online help file outlines exactly what is the difference between environmental, static, and total in context of Flow Sim, have a read through it. I usually set inputs as static and outputs as environmental. Analysis time is not something you should mess with unless your simulation is extremely unstable and you want a finer temporal resolution (lowering your time step will come at the cost of computational time.)

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              Jared Conway

              there are a bunch of videos on youtube and discussions about this on the internet, I think someone actually asked this just recently.


              in flow your 2 options are to set a pressure difference and find out the flow rate or set a flow rate and a pressure and find the pressure on the flow end.


              I would recommend thinking about how you will test this in the physical world and then set it up the same way based on information that you have.