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Assembly Graphics Have Disappeared Completely!

Question asked by James Harvey on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by James Harvey

Here's the lead-in sequence:

  1. Editing an assembly, inserting components
  2. Replace Components Command
    1. Cancel each attempted "Mate Reattach"
  3. Move just inserted replacement component to begin mating process
  4. Entire top level assembly disappeared from graphics area


  • All the parts are still there.
  • If I open an assembly that the problem assembly is part of, I can see it just fine, furthermore, I can edit it in context of the parent assembly.
  • As illustrated in attached pdf screenshots: A preview of the part still shows when I hover my cursor over the icon in the task bar, and the component outlines show up when I select the parts in the Feature Manager design tree.


We very recently updated to SW2015 SP1.1

I have tried a variety of common steps to resolve this with no success.

I have also attached a screen shot of my system specs.


Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.