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can I simulate a rotating shaft with one of its ends fixed?

Question asked by Oscar Martinez on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by Jared Conway

Hi guys, I´m very new to SW Simulation. I´m trying to simulate a shaft which drives a some equipment @ 0.03 rpm and 1 HP. I fixed one of its ends and applied the corresponding torque on the other one. The shaft is supported by three bearings, which I simulated as fixed hinge restraints. I also loaded the shaft with a remote force and its own weight.

Are my restraints ok?

Does the remote force automatically transmit the moment or should I specify this on the "moment definition tab" in the remote load property manager?


Besides that, the shaft drives four sprockets, where the torque its distributed. Should I know the reacting forces on this sprockets and load the model with them or just let the simulation compute the reactions on them?


The first hinge reestraint on the left of the image represents a new bearing that I´m trying to add to the shaft. The thing is that I´m getting displacements in the Y direction of +- 17mm. Could you give me some advice on this? I really appreciate your help!!