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Need to ensure that the latest revision of a document is being used when the file is undergoing a change order.

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by Jeff Thomas

We control the revisions of all our quality and business documents using EPDM. We use EPDM template to generate new forms i.e. ECO's, NCR's and Quotes. The template makes a copy of the file that has been specified and creates the new form in the appropriate location. The problem is that if the file is undergoing a change order the template makes a copy of the file at the latest VERSION not REVISION. From a quality standpoint this is unacceptable. The first thought on how to fix this would be to make a copy of the form and rename it by adding QCO to the end of the file name. This copy would then be changed by moving through the QCO workflow. When the form was finalized and released with the new revision (this is an issue as the new revision would be A not B because it is a new file) the original would be over-written with the new document.


I wish there was a "Use latest Revision" selection available on the edit template file card.


How is this issue being handled by other EPDM admins?


Thanks for the help!