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    3Dconnexion CAD Mouse now available

    Alex Holt



      Not sure how common knowlede this may be, but I got an email from 3Dconnexion this afternoon anouncing the sale release of their new mouse.


      Anyone getting one? Please report back!


      3Dconnexion : CadMouse

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Alex,


          Note that this is not an endorsement from SOLIDWORKS, but my own personal opinion based on trying it out at SOLIDWORKS World. I was pretty impressed with it.

          Things that I liked:

          • There are 3 actual buttons naturally placed like an old 3 button mouse (before mouse wheels existed) and then the middle wheel is also there and "feels" like it is also in the middle.
          • They also have the little tiny separate middle mouse button like the MX Anywhere mouse (my favorite mouse).
          • Unlike the MX Anywhere mouse, the scroll wheel also works as a button. In my short usage of it, they seem to have mostly solved the problem of accidentally scrolling the wheel when trying to push the wheel to activate the button, which is why I assume they separated the scroll wheel and button on the MX Anywhere and other mice.
          • On the MX Anywhere mouse, pushing the scroll wheel mechanically toggles between smooth scroll and incremental scroll (I use incremental scroll most of the time, but it is nice to turn it off when you need to "throw" the mouse or have smooth scrolling on a long web page or document). On this mouse, the wheel increments, but through software, they are handling the ability to "throw" the wheel. Again, in my short usage, it feels and works quite well.
          • With all of the above, you end up with what feels like 3 middle mouse buttons. They didn't have it available in their driver at SOLIDWORKS World, but I suggested that perhaps they add the ability to assign ctrl+middle mouse, alt+middle mouse, shift+middle mouse, etc. to any of their buttons. Then you, in addition to the default of having rotate on the middle mouse button, you could assign your favorite SOLIDWORKS view manipulation to the small middle mouse button or scroll wheel button function so now you could rotate, pan, rotate about view center, etc. all with single buttons and without touching the keyboard. Maybe this is not as important if you are using a 3DMouse since it can do some of those functions, but it makes the CAD Mouse extremely usable on its own, If you do have a 3DMouse and probably always rotate with it, you could then assign ctrl+middle mouse button to the regular middle button to use it for panning a 3D model instead of rotating (since rotating is redundant between the two devices).
          • There are 2 buttons on the side near your thumb, and they added a "quick zoom" command assigned to one of them. It is a cool little feature that I think would be useful even without a 3DMouse, but my understanding is that they came up with the idea since it is something you commonly need to do when using a 3DMouse, but it is not as easily done with it.
          • They had something similar to our mouse gestures assigned to the small middle mouse button by default. I didn't have a a lot of time to play with it but it looked nice and could be a nice addition to access even more commands.
          • I don't use a 3DMouse regularly so don't know the state of customizability, etc. but the drivers and UI for customizing the CAD Mouse seems quite extensive. I know that there is quite a bit of customizability for my MX Anywhere, but this seems to take it much further, especially for SOLIDWORKS (not sure about any other packages).


          Now, the one downside...it is a wired mouse, and probably for good technical reasons at this time since it is so functional and probably requires it. But, I look forward to the day when there is a wireless version of it since I need it to be wireless most of the time.


          There is lots of buzz about hardware devices, and has been for years. We experiment with all of them to see if we can enhance the experience with SOLIDWORKS using them, but the truth is, most of them are either not really ready for prime time or can't compete with the 3DMouse/mouse/keyboard combination or even the simple mouse/keyboard combination.


          I really applaud 3DConnexion for what they are doing here. The 3DMouse is by far the most adopted hardware device for use with SOLIDWORKS and works well with a mouse and keyboard. Now they have taken it a step further and really tried to optimize the mouse for use with SOLIDWORKS, and in my view, it will enhance using SOLIDWORKS if you are not using a 3DMouse, but will probably enhance it even further if you are using a 3DMouse.


          I hope it helps...again, not an endorsement by SOLIDWORKS, just my opinion on what looks to be a very promising device from about 20 minutes of playing with it.




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            Austin Broeker

            Has anyone else used this over the past couple years? Is it worth the price tag?

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              Shane Kozlowski

              I was looking into a cad mouse and tried this before shelling out crazy cash. i am not affiliated with this company but i do love the product.

              I've had it for a year and a half now with no issues and all of my buttons are programmed to help with SW. It's a lot cheaper has more programmable buttons, and still glides around very nicely. I barely even touch my keyboard at this point. Its not a "CAD" mouse but i would buy it two more times and still save money compared to some of the high end ones out there. Amazon.com: EUASOO Mouse Mice Z-7900 4000 DPI Metal Base MMO/FPS High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse: Computers & Access…

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                Stephen Reed

                We just got the Cadmouse Wireless and love it. I especially like the quick zoomin/zoomout buttons and the mouse gestures. At $99, well worth the money in my opinon.



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                  Dave Laban

                  Disappointed they're still not doing a left-hand version