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Color - Painting (Appearence) in BOM

Question asked by Antanas Lygintuvas on Feb 27, 2015

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Hello. I found few posts about my problem but no one has the answer. We are making kitchen furniture. And the new trend is colours.



     So in final assembly, part, which has 10 configurations (different dimensions, the same drilling pattern and material) can have 3 or 5 different colors (Appearances). We need Appearance in BOM to sort parts after drilling. Color (Appearances) must be the main parameter, not the Configuration Name.


     RAL palette has 210 colors, NCS - 1950 . Configurations and different materials can't be the solution.


     But the rendering engine knows which element of the assembly must be red or which one - green (even if this is the same part with the same configuration). That means that every part has a unique ID. I assume it looks something like this: TOP_ASSE_NAME+SUB_ASSE_NAME+SUB_ASSE_POSITION_IN_TOP_ASSE+PART_NAME+CONFIGURATION_NAME+etc.


     So how can I put this unique ID to the first column in Excel Based BOM, color (Appearances) to second, and other data to the following columns? Sorting and summing we make with PivotTable in Excel.


     Any ideas? Thanks.


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