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Users can't save parts in EPDM controlled toolbox

Question asked by Mark Schwandt on Feb 27, 2015

Our toolbox is maintained in epdm. However since the upgrade to 2015, our users can try initially to create parts in the toolbox, and all looks right (shows up in BOM on drawing). They check everything in and go home for the night. The next day when they open up the file, the parts, no longer show up in tool box, and they are messed up in BOM. To get parts to stay in the toolbox, I have to check into epdm as admin, go into configure toolbox, and add the part number and description there. Then save it, and all works well. It worked fine before the upgrade to 2015, but now it's starting to be a real pain in the a$$.


Our toolbox parts have a workflow, but it doesn't do anything since we don't need them to rev up or anything.

These are the settings we've used previously, any suggestions?