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Inserting a 45° elbow

Question asked by Alessandro Frattini on May 19, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2007 by Merry Owen
Hi guys,
can you try this behavior ?
Use standard SolidWorks piping component.
1)New assembly
3)Insert a routing component flange
4)Insert at the end of the 3D sketch a 45° elbow
5)Exit from sketch
6)Measure the angle from top plane and the sketch started from your 45° elbow.

I measure 9.74°.
If I use 90° elbow....the result is good, parallel to the plane.
If you obtain the same result, can you explain me why ?
For SolidWorks Corp. is a normal behavior.
It say to me to use shift+arrow keys to align as I want (but shift+arrow keys use entire number) or add mate to orient the elbow or sketch at the desired angle (45 degrees), with asking mask at the end of the 3D sketch.
For you is it a bug or a correct behavior ?
I think that what SolidWorks Corp. says is a workaround.
I don't think that sketch and dimension or mate is more fast that drag&drop an elbow from task pane.

Thank you,