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Mesh failed due to inteference but SW doesn't find any interference

Question asked by Chris Michalski on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Jared Conway

I'm more familiar with Flow than Simulation so I'm looking for a little advice here...


I ran a thermal simulation of a complex assembly and need to look at some of the thermal stresses.

I try to mesh the parts I'm interested in (ignoring things far away which won't significantly impact this area).

SW complains about interference between parts. 

However, when I let it run interference detection, it says they're not interfering (or even coincident).


So how do you correct a problem that isn't a problem?

I can't simply eliminate one of the parts in question because those are the ones I'm looking for stresses in and around.


I'm not keen on trying to change the geometry randomly because that will require another 6hour Flow simulation (because to import the thermal data the model has to remain exactly the same.)