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    snap range

    Mark Cragg

      I have started an enhancement request as follows:


      "As the screen resolution increases it is increasingly difficult to "target" lines and points etc when sketching. If I reduce the screen resolution it appears that lines are 4 pixels wide on the screen and that the snap range for picking them is 6 pixels so you have to be within 1 pixel of the entity before it can be picked. I have been using SW since '97 and this is a problem that is becoming more profound as the hardware advances to the point that it is now a problem. I have already bought a mouse (I prefer this as an interface tool) that has multiple DPI settings that allow me to drop the DPI setting by clicking a button but this is very hard to use without thinking about it and that then disturbs my train of thought all the time while I am trying to get a design down on the screen!


      I believe this would provide a significant time saving and understand that this is a standard feature in many other software systems (Autocad etc.)."


      I hope others will add to the request to see if we can have it added as a setting for user customisiation



      PS. I will add the ER number once I get it (the number I have currently is 1-7636534866)

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          Kevin Berni

          Hi Mark,


          Would you mind sharing some details about your setup? Specifically:

          1. The version of Windows you are running.
          2. SW Version
          3. You monitor and the resolution you are running.
          4. What OS scaling level you are using  (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display)

          Also if you had an example file or two where you feel like it is particularly bad, I would love to see it.





          Kevin Berni

          SOLIDWORKS User Experience Design