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    Section note UGHHH...    Every bloody section view.

    Alex Crossman

      When placing a section view why does the "SECTION" text come up in 24 font when the rest of the note is in some other size? (13 font)  

      it does not even make sense   the drawings are not at the same scale ratio nor ANY of the views


      I mean I understand the sheet scale and all that trash and the drawing view scale and all that but shouldn't the note text if something was affecting it, all be affected the same?


      For instance i get a note that looks like this NO MATTER the scale of the sheet or the drawing view


                  SECTION K-K

                                        SCALE 1 : 7.5


      It would not be a great big deal if it was uniform but now I need to go in and edit the note then ONLY select that text and take it down to some size resembling reasonable. and then because of the size it reliably drops it down into the title block somewhere so if you don't notice or remember to change it, you wont notice it till you print or worse send drawings out...


      Questions? Comments? Brief Criticism?