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Model scaling in AR not working

Question asked by Patrick Girvin on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Blake Reeves


I have used the iPad eDrawing viewer app previously with SolidWorks-generated 3D eDrawings, but it is not working now.  I am using eDrawings Pro, version 3.3.1 (current as of today), on an iPad 3.  My issue is with model-scaling in the AR (augmented reality) part of the app.  My models are generally quite dimensionally large (100m), so they must be scaled down quite a bit in order to see them within the AR viewer.  I tried to scale them within SW before exporting, but SW has no function to generally scale down a part or assembly, including all sketches.  I really need to see the sketches in relation to the model.  I realize I can scale sketches, then scale the model, then export, but this is quite impractical, due to number of sketches and number of models.


In practice, I open the file in the viewer app, and it shows up fine.  I set out my paper target and click on AR, and I can now see a teeny bit of the huge model, locked onto the target.  Great so far.  I select the scale button, and change the scale from 100% to 5%, hit enter, and the value is accepted but the view of the model does not change at all.


Any ideas?