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HELP! unable to create this extruded feature due to geometric conditions

Question asked by Gavin Yamasato on Feb 26, 2015
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University student here. Trying to make a simple assassins creed style button with an embossed logo on it. I'm trying to extrude the logo but it keeps giving me the "unable to create this extruded feature due to geometric conditions" error! I have already checked to see if there are breaks in the sketch but I can't see any. I even pulled the points at the end of the splines and they move together so I know they are joined. The preview even shows the extrusion at first before ultimately failing and giving me the error. I separated the contours out and the bottom part works, but for whatever reason the top part of the logo wont extrude properly. Traced this out using an image laid on the top plane. Only did half of it and then used the mirror command about the center line so I know it should be symmetrical and line up. Here is the file -.- Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Also, bonus points if anyone knows how to create an emboss that actually follows the curvature of the dome of the button as the wrap feature seems to be unavailable for it.