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    Sharing Material Favourites List

    Declan McTiernan

      Hi All,

      I have a custom materials database that everyone in our design office is utilising, its on a network share, to make things easier to apply the materials I want to share my materials favourites list with everyone. How can I do this properly?


      I exported my settings and re-imported them onto another machine. The list shows up however nothing happens when a different material is selected. If I click into manager favourites, the list on the dialog is empty, hence why nothing happens. The screenshot I have attached is from my laptop, hence the custom database if local.




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          Elmar Klammer

          Hi Declan,


          There are 2 custom materials in your list with the name "custom materials". Solidworks creates "custom materials" group automatically every time you start it so you can't remove it. You need to give your custom materials file a different name. I also manually removed all entries in the default "custom materials" group so it is empty and stays empty that way. You need to add the path to the folder your new custom materials file resides inside. Go to system options - file locations - material database. That has worked for me with SW 2013 not sure about higher versions.

          I have heard from cases where mapped network drives or UNC path ways caused issues maybe that will get you some where?