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SW2015 AMF files and how do they work?

Question asked by Teemu Kari on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Mike Pogue



I just got my license to SW2015 and I was overjoyed because now I could make all my 3D printing parts staright to AMF and not to do any unnecessary faping around in other programs and I can make custom support structures for all my other prints.

But once I made quite simple part (two interlocking triangles and ball in the middle, perfect for multi-extruder printing) but once I importet AMF file and started making G-code I noticed that Netfab and Slic3r think that object is 0.06x0.06x0.06mm but in reality it should be 60x60x60mm. Slic3r on the other hand says that there are some kind undefined part in constellation and I cant see anything.

Well once I had checked all the file types and settings and stuff made sure I have only two STL parts, made AMF from assembly and all that kind of stuff but still all the AMF files are simply not working in any way.

If I make two separate STL parts they look just like they should.

Yes I could make two STL files and combine them later but i dont want to do that.


So can someone tell me how can I make AMF files that actually work properly?

If there is good tutorial somewhere I would be more then happy to study it.


Thanks in advance


PS: sorry about all the mispellings