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Detailed cut list shows welded tubes as 1 length

Question asked by Victor Sierra on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Victor Sierra

Hello everybody,


Just new here, I'm working on a frame created from a 3d sketch and then as structural member, look at the image for example.



When I create a drawing with a weldment cut list it shows these blue parts as 1 length. These long tubes are 950mm long, the vertical tubes are 292mm. In the list it says 2x 1242mm.

But I need a cut list, so 2x 950mm with angle 45 degrees and 2x 292mm with 45 degrees angle.

Same problem with the orange part, but also som other parts. Mainly all where I created angled tubes fixed to each other.


I noticed that these parts are grouped in Cut-List-Item7 and Cut-List-Item13

How can I make a correct cut list?