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Simple Cantilever Validation Prediction Problem!

Question asked by David Flemming on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Mike Pogue

Hello everyone,


I have a question w.r.t. a simple cantilever beam stress study. I am doing a validation prediction using classic beam theory which involves using a Free body diagram, a Shear Force diagram then a Bending Moment Diagram.

When i use hand calculations to determine the maximum bending moment and then the maximum stress (using, max stress = Mc/I), I get a value that is much different from the SW simulation value of the maximum stress. I get 87.69 psi while SW Simulation says 118psi. I have tried every possible configuration of boundary conditions for this. Alternatively however, I used the prediction for a simply supported beam and the results were correct. Can anyone help me with this.


The beam is 600 inches long and the details of the study are in the attached images.


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