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How do I model this feed screw

Question asked by Sid S on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Sid S

Hi, I'm just starting to learn SolidWorks. I am working on this project where I have to model the given feed screw assembly.

First I'm trying to model a single screw, but I do not have the exact specifications of the screw. So I want to draw an approximate version of the screw.

I know the length of the screw = 4 inches and the outside diameter = 2 inches.

Based on the attached picture(length/no. of threads), pitch=0.8 inch(approx.)

I can measure the depth of the thread physically, assuming I have that.

Can anybody help me how I can model this type of screw in SolidWorks based on the above data?

Is this screw similar to the acme thread but with a different angle?


Thank You