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    scaling a full sketched drawing.

    Jordan Gibson

      Hi everyone...  So I am stuck... (yet again)... one day hopefully I can help instead of asking questions.


      So I have made these 2D drawings, there was no need to make 3d renditions as they are not going to get fabricated, we just wanted a wood order so we knew what to get.
      So I have these nicely colored and layered 2d Drawings, and i need to take one of them and repeat it out 300 feet. however If I copy the sketch, paste it in a new file, I cant Scale it. as a block you get some "scale" options but nothing that works. the one scale stops at 0 and the other scale in the "move" commands. just makes it look small till you rebuild and it reverts.


      any ideas? i even put in a full ticket with hawkridge, been 3 hours no reply.

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          Jamil Snead

          Did you try the Scale Entities command? If so, what went wrong?


          And for the block scaling, I'm not sure what you mean by one scale and the other scale. I only know of one block scaling area, shown below. What happens if you change the scale here?


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              Jordan Gibson

              the scale entities the view just reverts back to normal size on rebuild. Also, (and odds are im using it wrong) it just gives me a pointer and scales quite arbitrarily. I want to make my set of plans fit to the page and look good. As for the second one its auto set to 0 when I copy it to a new sheet so I cant go any lower... sure I can type in .000001 or something and it will shrink, but that's not a good solution at all having to guess the zeros behind the decimal.


              So far my work around was viewing the sketch i want to scale in its drawing file I drew in. Save that as something else so if it blows up its ok, then scale the sheet. from here I can get somewhere... until I have to import other parts... havnt solved that conundrum yet.

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                  Jamil Snead

                  There must be some kind of bug if the scale entities method reverts back after rebuild.


                  Sorry if I am stating info you already know, but I just want to make sure you understand the tool, there is a selection area right under where it says "Scale about:", and for that selection you are supposed to click the point on the drawing that you want to stay fixed when the sketch scales. Then you type the scale factor in the box below it. If you wanted to shrink the sketch to 1/10th size then you would enter .1 into that box. Then just click the green check (maybe twice) and it should stay scaled even after rebuild.


                  The block scaling area is similar where you enter the scale value. But the block scaling area is really stupid because whatever value you enter will display rounded to the nearest .01. So if you enter .007 it will show .01 in the box (even though it is actually scaling the amount you entered). Or if you enter .003 then it will show 0. Another thing to note about the blocks is that when you form a block, it will automatically start it at the scale that the sheet was at. So if you have a sketch on a sheet that is 1:10 scale and then you make a block from a sketch, then the block will start out at .1 scale. Or if you have a drawing that is at scale 1:1000 then the block will start out at .001 scale, but it would show 0.


                  So I suspect that is what is happening when you try to use the block method. What is your original sheet scale, and what is the scale of the new drawing you are making? What you can try is to paste the block into a new drawing that is scaled 1:1, then explode the block and create a new block. That new block will start out as scale 1 and then it is easier to calculate the new scale factor you want.

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                Kelvin Lamport

                So I have made these 2D drawings

                Are the 2D drawings fully dimensioned, and are they just 2D profiles of the parts needed to be cut from wooden sheets?