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scaling a full sketched drawing.

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by Jordan Gibson

Hi everyone...  So I am stuck... (yet again)... one day hopefully I can help instead of asking questions.


So I have made these 2D drawings, there was no need to make 3d renditions as they are not going to get fabricated, we just wanted a wood order so we knew what to get.
So I have these nicely colored and layered 2d Drawings, and i need to take one of them and repeat it out 300 feet. however If I copy the sketch, paste it in a new file, I cant Scale it. as a block you get some "scale" options but nothing that works. the one scale stops at 0 and the other scale in the "move" commands. just makes it look small till you rebuild and it reverts.


any ideas? i even put in a full ticket with hawkridge, been 3 hours no reply.