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Driveworks Express adding Prefix to filename Rule

Question asked by Tony Thompson on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Alexei Groutso

I am working on a project that I am having problems getting the rules builder to allow me to add a project number to the beginning of the existing filename. I am able to get it to add it to the end of the existing filename but not before it. I have an assembly that only consist of (3) part files and the assembly file. I have the assembly filename as -00.sldasm and the three parts are named -01.sldprt, -02.sldprt and -03.sldprt. I am capturing a project number in the form that is structured with 3 letters a - and then a 5 digit number example XXX-12345 and I would like to add this to the beginning of the current filename not after it so the new assembly would look like this XXX-12345-00.sldasm and the parts would look like this XXX-12345-01.sldprt, XXX-12345-02.sldprt and XXX-12345-03.sldprt