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modified part in assembly will not update constraints

Question asked by Patrick Duane on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Jeff Mirisola

The Initial (first) part of an assembly was opened in part mode then modified. When the assembly is reopened, the modified part shows up but the constraints to all of the mating parts are offset. When I select this initial (first) part to view mates constraints, all mated parts appear correct (no offsets). When I close this view mates window the assembly looks the same as before with all of the mating parts being offset. When I select the next part that is mated to the first part, it also shows the mate is correct to the first part (no offset) and when I again close this window the assembly appears as before with all of the mated parts to the first part being offset.  All of the remaining parts are equally offset from the initial (first) part. Note: the initial (first) part was pined in place, do I need to mate it to the planes?  Is this a graphics card error?  How do I regenerate the assembly correctly and Is there a regenerate command?  I have used the rebuild button but no change.