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Blank/transperant graphics area on startup?

Question asked by Theis Bicher-Koch on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Ingvar Magnusson

Hi guys,

I work professionally with SolidWorks, and I have a very annoying and frustrating problem: Sometimes during startup of SW 2013 the graphic area (or everything except the toolbars) will be transperant - I can see the desktop behind, but SW is running. Please see attached photo. You will see the toolbar in the top and bottom of my screen, but everything in the middle is missing, and my desktop is showing.

Print screen, SW problem.jpg

This means I obviously can't work, since I can't see the part! It is not a everyday problem, but it happens from time to time, and it seems to get more frequent.

This happened first time last year on an older HP pc. I reinstalled SW, but it didn't work right away. After reboot of the program many times, it finally worked.

I got a new computer and haven't had any problems for 6 months. Now it's starting again, and today I have tried to reboot the computer 5 times, rebooted SW 10 times, restored my Nvidia GPU 10 times, yelling curses at the screen 20 times - nothing seems to help!


So my question is - what do you guys think this might be? Is it related to the computer, the graphics, the software or something else?

I use SW 2013 and we haven't bought any service packs, as far as I'm concerned.


By the way, I often use the computer with VPN-connection for license, while the computer is running on battery (in the train).


I hope some of you are able to guide me in this!


Thanks a lot in advance,

Theis, Denmark.