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    can we do simulation at PCB track level?

    Shrikanth G


      Can we do the simulation at PCB track level?

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          Mike Pogue

          Trace level? Yes but.


          You have to model it and you have to mesh it. Supposedly circuit works can import traces, but I haven't been able to figure out how. And unfortunately gerber files do not contain contours that can be directly extruded. As for meshing, well, you are going to need some horsepower. 1 ounce traces are .0014 thick. For thermal analysis, you can probably get away with one linear (draft quality) element through the thickness, but still. Crazy small elements.

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              Jared Conway

              just to tack onto mike's comment here. if you model it, it can be simulated. but like he said, thin parts, lots of elements, long solve times. so you should really be considering what you want to gain in the analysis.


              as for importing traces, I believe you need IDF 4 files to be able to do that. there are some examples with the circuitworks tutorials that should show you what will happen. I do not believe they get imported with circuitworks lite.