Jeff Ell

populating design table values w/ macro

Discussion created by Jeff Ell on May 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2008 by Adam Howe
I have dimensional values that I will use in multiple models. Iwould like to know of any thoughts on populating a design table bydriving a macro.

My  sample external table may look something like this:
(there will be 40-50 size listings)

size        dim1        dim2        dim3
1            1.00            .50            5.00
2            2.00            .75            10.00
3             3.00           1.00          20.00

My desire is to setup a design table in the model and call dim1,2,3from the size attribute.
What this allows me to do is establish a dimensional standard forsize 1 across multiple models. It avoids the possibility of havingdifferent dimensions in different models for a particularsize.

any thoughts are appreciated