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trying to create custom weldments and use them, not working out.

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Gary Blenkhorn

Hi there, Ill do my best to type out my work flow, but I'm trying to get weldments working as on reddit someone mentioned it might help with my speed in getting both 3d and 2d drawings out. regardless. I go  and make a custom weldment and the file saves fine in the proper location using the guide from:
2014 SOLIDWORKS Help - Weldments - Creating a Custom Profile

**note I am on 2015**


So I made a folder in the root weldment file called

"Jornic Wood"


and saved my .sldlfp there.



If I go into the design library on the right side of SW, I can see under weldment profiles the folder with the weldment file inside. and even its only design library. If I go to new part though and make a line and click on it, and go to use it. "Type" is blank, and I cant select the weldment... what I do wrong?


Also, I need to use this for assemblies, Every youtube video shows guys using these in a part file. from what I understand, weldments give you a cut list, so its like having multiple parts, However I wont be only using parts i need to be able to use different types of weldments and add parts and create an assembly. So why cant I make a sketch in an assembly and then use weldments on the lines? that seems ridiculous to me.