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    CSWP-CORE Exam

    Rajesh Raj

      Hi Friends!

           I am planing to attend the CSWP -CORE Exam on coming Friday

      so please give your tips and tricks and  thinks to consider on during Examination and etc if any....





      Rajesh T

        • Re: CSWP-CORE Exam
          Deepak Gupta

          Practice as much as you can before the exam (here some links which you might have already checked: CSWP Preparation guide?))


          Read questions carefully, specially the decimal places.


          Use design tables, equations, etc. as much as you can.


          Double check your answers during exam and avoid copy and paste of answers, better type them.


          Set up shortcuts on the computer before giving the exam like S key, mouse gestures, etc. which would save you time during the exam.