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Problem SW2014 and windows 8.1 connection lost to file during this session

Question asked by Dimitri Paquay on Feb 25, 2015

Due to our subcontractor we can't change until the end of March to SW2015 and see if the problem is solved by updating SW.


Since a few weeks we have new PC's. On our old PC's SW2014 SP5.0 (network license) was running under windows 7, on the new PC's it's running under windows 8.1. With windows 7 we didn't had this issue.


When we want to save our parts, assembly's or drawings we get next message: "connection wast to file during this session. There may have been a network failure. Select ...." This problem is really irritating!!!


Does anybody had the same problem or has a solution for this? A setting in SW or in windows 8.1 maybe?

The switches we used in the system are Gigabit.


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