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Issue upgrading the SW Lic Manager while on same server as EPDM

Question asked by Tom Rendon on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Tim Webb

This information is coming second hand, through our IT department since they handle all of this, so I can't give too many specifics since I can see them.  But at previous places of employment, it seems like we didn't have this issue, so I'm just wondering if something has changes with the SolidWorks installation/upgrades or if any one else out there is seeing this issue.


We have one server set up that hosts our EPDM database and our SolidNetWorks Lic.  We are currently running 2013 on everything.  We want to do some testing on 2015 before making the jump to full upgrade of all clients.


When we attempt to upgrade the lic server, there are errors about corruption in the lic severs manager (again, I don't know the exact errors...sorry).  Anyway, the final word our IT department got was that since EPDM and the Lic server are on the same machine, we can't upgrade one without the other.


Has anyone else run across this?  I've never had any issues with upgrading a lic server and not upgrading anything else.


I know this is a shot in the dark, and sorry I can't be more descriptive, but I'm just not privy to more information, just searching for my own benefit since this doesn't make sense to me.