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    simulation processing error

    Swadish MS


      I am trying to run to a simulation for a fairly large file, with a basic mesh.

      When I try to run it, solidworks goes into not responding mode and the geometry preparation window is running forever(about 2 hours now). How do I proceed?


      Computer specs are: Intel Xeon 3.00 GHz processor, 32 GB Ram, 5GB Nvidia Graphics Card.

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          kk cheng

          Your descripton is vague, but I am assming you are a new simulation user?

          When I was new, I liked to mesh everything finely to get best result thinking that I have a good machine to crunch those data. Then I waited for hours for the data to come.


          Then slowly I learnt about how simulation works, then started to explore mesh controls and curvature meshes and element sizes. I also simplify the models just for simulation.

          Those helps to reduce processing time without sacrificing the accuracy.

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            Jared Conway

            in your task manager, if the CPU is still bouncing around and ram is still going up and down, it is processing.


            it sounds like you need to simplify your problem or wait it out


            note, I have simulations that take days to solve, so sometimes it is just a matter of waiting if you can't simplify the problem.


            this would be a great time to involve your reseller on some training to help you optimize your analysis setup. at hawk ridge systems, we call our service mentoring.

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              Swadish MS

              Thank You,


              I optimized the geometry a lot and re-structured the mesh, still takes time to solve, but the solver runs unlike the previous attempts.