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Cosmetic threads are wonky

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on Feb 24, 2015
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I have a part that has misbehaving cosmetic threads. I run into this on occasion. Usually a series of control-q's and/or feature rebuilds fixes it. However, this one is just being stubborn. Symptoms: When creating inline tapped holes from opposite surfaces only some of the cosmetic threads will be displayed. I have attached pictures of an example. In this case there are M5 tapped holes on four of the surfaces of this block. The holes in the top and bottom surfaces are inline with each other and the holes on the front and rear surfaces are inline with each other. The cosmetic threads don't like to display correctly for the second hole feature that was created after it's opposing cousin.


Here is an explanation of the attached pics:


The first pic shows the last M5 hole feature as SW created it. You will note that it only created two hole threads in the feature and fancy shading for two of the four holes.

The second pic is after a control-q. That's all I did and you will see only one hole thread in the feature and one hole with fancy shading.

The third pic I edited the hole feature. I did not change any values, just clicked around a bit. When the feature rebuilt it now shows three hole threads in the feature, but only two actual holes have the fancy shading.

The fourth pic is after another control Q. Now we are back to the feature with two hole threads, however only one hole has the fancy shading.

Pic 5 is of the detail drawing. You can see the inline holes and the lack of cosmetic thread on some of them.


With enough frogging around I can get the feature to have four hole threads, but the holes won't show the fancy shading and the drawing doesn't display the cosmetic threads for them.


I feel like I am playing three card monte.


I am running SW 2015 64 SP 1.1 on a Dell T3610 box.


I am off to check for video card updates. Any other ideas beyond this?