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    John Koos

      SECTION.gifI'm using SOLIDWORKS 2012 SP4.0, we just upgraded to WINDOWS 7. For years we've used a hot key "D", created around 2006-2008, to pull in demensions from the model to the dwg. Recently this hot key was removed because the function was holding on to some of the old "WINDOWS stuff", the "INSERT, MODEL ITEMS" is useless. I get dimensions I don't want but none of the dimensions I need. I can use the "HORIZONTAL" dimension tool but this is one dimension at a time. I mainly need diameters of a ring assembly in the cross section view. I mark dims in the model for the dwg to avoid problems like this. Does anyone know how to pull in the dims quicker? I lost my paddle! By the way...it's a snow cone maker! Shhhhh!