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Labview Softmotion cannot detect Measurement sensor in SWs

Question asked by Nazliah Hanafiah on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Jared Conway

Hi all,


I know my questions might be out of topic. But I really need help in case anyone might come across the answer.


I'm using Measurement sensor in my SWs model. In order for it to be updated in NI Softmotion, I need to map sensor the sensor I used in my SWs model.


Unfortunately, the Solidworks assembly in the project explorer window the Labview cannot detect the Measurement sensor I use.

Labview can only detect if I use Dimension sensor. Unfortunately I can't use the Dimension sensor because my model is curved. I need to measure length between two points.


I've asked Labview forum, but none answer till now. Really appreciate if someone could answer why Labview can't detect Measurement sensor.


Or is there any ways to make a length dimension for a non planar surface?


Thanks a lot in advance