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Symmetric assemblies

Question asked by Sergio Pequerul on Feb 24, 2015

I've designed a hydraulic transfer as you'll see below. Now I have to make the symmetric version. I find two problems with it.


The first problem is making the symmetry. Is there any option that solidworks know which parts are symmetric and which are not and make automaticaly those parts mirrored? I made a list and selected only those part which are not symmetric mannually. There's not many but in other aplication it could have taken me hours to verify which are and which are not.


The second problem I have is with assembly operations. I did several holes in the frame assembly that don't appear in the symmetric version. I've seen in SW help that there is a step 4 in symmetry operation to select this operations but I can't find it.


I'm using SW 2015.


Any help will be great. Thank you.