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    2015 - Not Responding

    Mike Aaskov

      Is anyone else experiencing a ridiculous amount of "Solidworks is not responding" when trying to execute fairly basic features? 2013 would do this occasionally if I was REALLY pushing it, but 2015 hangs up if you I look at it funny!


      This is RIDICULOUS and does not inspire confidence in the upgrade... I am alone here?




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          Jeff Mirisola

          Sadly, you're not alone. One thing that 2015 has needed more than any other release I can think of, is to update the graphics drivers. While this hasn't stopped the errors, it has lessened them.

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            Ted Wessale

            I have only recently become a full time solidworks user (the past 2 years) but this is by far the most lag time (down time) I have had using any software.  I never use more than 20% of my RAM, never more than 8% of my processer...  but it is constantly making me wait for the program to respond.  The most simple drawings one sheet, a plan view and a couple sections with hidden lines removed is about 50MB and extremely slow.


            I have spent weeks looking for solutions, but have found none that work.