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How to create a smooth embossed logo on curved surface?

Question asked by Iain Taylor on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Nick Birkett-Smith

Hi, I am trying to create a realistic model of a beer bottle and have been struggling with wrapping/projecting/extruding on curved surfaces in order to create an embossed logo on the body of the bottle. I have managed to work around these issues and get a model I am reasonably happy with, however I would like to create a smooth emboss like the Anheuser Busch logo in the photograph below.


I have considered using lofted surfaces, drafted extrudes, fillets etc, however, with intricate geometry I can't seem to find any solution. Someone suggested using displacement maps..?


Any suggestions for how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!




Model 1.JPGModel 2.JPGBudweiser Bottle.jpg