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rules of creating bonded contact set of beam and solid

Question asked by Ben D. on Feb 22, 2015
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I am about to create a contact set for a beam and four brackets:




If I create four different contact sets for each bracket, having selected the horizontal beam as a source, and all the touching surfaces of the bracket as a target, then the simulation works fine. These are the faces for selection of a bracket:




However, technically I can select the horizontal beam as a source, and ALL the appropriate faces of all four brackets as a target. This would make a selection a little faster. But in this case, I get the simulation results, that two bracket fly away (the displacement is shown to be 3*10^30 mm), meaning the software does not see this contact. If I run the simulation twice, I usually get different brackets flying away, but the other two brackets shows correct results.


Is there a rule, that in the case like this, the target faces should belong to one body? I didn't find this requirement anywhere, and I think it should not be. Does anybody else have this issue? I tried it on sw2015 sp1.1 and just installed sp2.0, but it is the same.


Thank you for your ideas