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Revised macro to hide planes, sketches and other reference features

Discussion created by Bill Florac on Feb 21, 2015
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This is a .NET macro to hide reference features. For example, say you need to use planes in an assembly. So you turn on the planes view and now you will get all the planes from all the sub-assemblies and parts as well. Easy to fix for a small assembly, not so for an assembly with 300+ items.


It is based on existing work:

- Traverse Assembly and Hide All Sketches Example (VBA) in Solidworks API Help

- BlankDatums2a.swp, this is based on the example above but adds more features including a

   dialog box to select different types of features to manage.


This version (1.0) adds:

- Converted the code to

- Manages lightweight components!

- Ability to select to include top assembly and components independently

- Cleaned up code for component and filter selection to speed things up a bit.

- It gets a bit slow on very large assemblies. For an assembly of 300 or so parts it takes about 1 minute.


I renamed it to HideThings as it I thought it was more in line with what it does.


Have fun!

Bill Florac